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Each month, new, searchable content is loaded including student lessons, seminars, and more. You can go as deep as you want. And in the Forum you can ask questions, access Parelli Professionals, get support from your community – Parelli students who have been there, done that or are in exactly the same place you are.
There are also some great mini tutorials that teach you step by step how to do some pretty cool things with your horse. Check out the Badge Program and eCourses (coming soon) on Parelli U!

And don’t forget – you can access ALL this on your SmartPhone too!!

Most people give up on horses because they get frustrated, lost, stuck, or are just not having fun anymore. It’s hard to learn from DVDs and books, and step by step programs can be intense, long-winded and even boring. And so much of this is no longer used because information is now instantly available at the touch of button!
The Parelli Savvy Club is your ultimate study guide to getting great results with your horse. And we’ve made it efficient and easy to study as we know how hard it is to find the time these days… and how we’ve become accustomed to being able to get the information we want right away. That’s why we’ve embraced modern technology and appeal to different learning styles to make learning to teach horses fun.
The goal is to increase your savvy in some way, every day, so your horse has every reason to love you and thank you!
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